it’s all relative podcast

It’s All Relative is a light-hearted look at the generation gap, in which I interview two generations from the same famous family to discuss their contrasting lives, experiences, views and values.

 The podcast examines one of the most critical issues of our time through the one way it makes sense to us all: our families.  

Available on Apple, Acast and Spotify. Season 2 is being recorded now and will be dropping in summer 2022.

  • Uncle and Niece: Julian and Jessica Fellowes

    In this first episode, Dr. Eliza Filby speaks to uncle and niece, Julian and Jessica Fellowes. As creator and writer of the phenomenon that is Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes has put class tensions of the early 20th century under the spotlight, achieving a sweep of awards in the process. He is joined by his niece, author and journalist Jessica Fellowes. They explore class, feminism and cancel culture!

  • Mother and Daughter: Prue Leith and Li-Da Kruger

    In this episode, Eliza speaks to culinary legend Dame Prue Leith and her daughter, filmmaker, Li-Da Kruger. Their collective family story in the cosy English Cotswolds reflects a profound and interconnected tale, one which takes in South African apartheid, the Cambodian genocide and the contrasting feminism's of late 20th century Britain.

  • Mother and Daughter: Tricia and Anna Cusden

    Eliza speaks to Tricia Cusden who started an on-line beauty business, Look Fabulous Forever, in her sixties, and her daughter, Anna, who also works for the family firm. Hear Tricia discuss why she decided to take the plunge later in life and her resentment at fulfilling societal expectations and having children young.

  • Father and Son: Johnny and Nile Marr

    Is music the potent force it once was? Eliza speaks to musicians Johnny and Nile Marr about how the industry has changed (for the better and worse) over the last 40 years. Having begun his career as the guitarist and co-songwriter of The Smiths, Johnny has since collaborated with musical icons from Talking Heads to Billie Eilish. Following in his footsteps, his son Nile has made a name for himself. His debut solo album, ‘Are You Happy Now?’ was released last year to great acclaim.

  • Father and Son: Patrick and Jimmy McLoughlin

    What is it like to grow up with a government minister for a Dad? Eliza speaks to Patrick and Jimmy about the changing nature of conservatism, the power of social mobility, and talking Brexit at the dinner table. The Rt Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin started his career as a coal miner, before turning his hand to politics. His son Jimmy worked in public relations, before joining his Dad in Whitehall as Prime Minister Theresa May’s Special Advisor on Business Relations. He is now a fellow podcaster and host of Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future.

  • Father and Daughter: Jonny and Katie Owen

    Flying the flag for the Valleys of South Wales are father and daughter, Katy and Jonny Owen. Jonny is an acclaimed producer, director, writer and actor, with a penchant for telling generation-defining stories; Katie is pursuing her love for music, something she inherited from her dad, as a DJ and presenter. The pair discuss leaving Wales in pursuit of their passions, sharing a roof with Line of Duty legend Vicky McClure, and the resounding impact that Jonny’s late father has had on both of their lives.